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Art is not some higher calling. It's a very simple, raw and dirty method of expelling one's feelings, desires, and fears through the meticulous execution of acquired skills. The rush of viewing and creating art should possess the same sensation as pre-ejaculation, or post vomiting. it should be an extreme, intense, emotional, and sexual yet paranoid but relieving feeling. Art should entice you in, sucker punch you in the gut, then make you ask for another. it is the only way one can commit to total chaos and find peace within it. The beauty of creation is not in how beautiful it looks but in how free the subconscious was during creation. Learning how to free one's mind of social pressure is a gift, but learning how to behave within that freedom, is a skill. It is the true paradox of living freely in a very conformed environment. Humans have an extreme amount of pressure to behave a certain way, yet, none of them truly want to. Being disposed to having to behave with such wretched conformity is not how humans were meant to live, however our society runs upon this very institution. darkness is necessary to create from the imagination. The mind goes places the world insists it shouldn't go. It is what makes us humans tick but is so very suppressed.  It's important to explore the freedom of being both open, but yet also different. The world publicly denies sexual experience but yet everything exists because of it. Another great human paradox. 

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