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In the solitude of his studio, removed from all social interaction, macabre and dark melodrama enhance Dustyn Bustos’ artistic process.  Fueled by caffeine and nicotine, Dustyn’s creative engine roars to classical music such as Beethoven or Chopin.  The construct of time is abandoned.  Lost in the chasm between his art and his reality, Dustyn creates his masterful artwork.


An amazing artist of many talents – internationally renown artist, Dustyn Bustos creates elusive designs covering a broad spectrum of forms and media – leather carving, painting, metal working, sculpting, wood carving, sketching, acrylics, oils, etc.  Dustyn’s exquisite creations have found homes in multiple countries – the US, Canada, Germany, China, and Australia. The breadth of his expertise rivals that of Leonardo DaVinci.  His depth of detail, realism, and quirky nature follow in the footsteps of Salvadore Dali.  Yet Dustyn brings his own dark and mysterious flavor to his creations.


Dustyn is a “disconnected” direct descendant of the Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo.  Despite his strong biological ties to Geronimo, he remains culturally aloof to his famous ancestry.  While part of his biology, his ancestry has never defined or contributed to his artistic goals.


An intriguing, self-taught artist, Dustyn is dyslexic, colorblind, and left-handed.  He struggled with academics, but quickly found his passion in art and developed his techniques in a non-traditional fashion – always learning the most complex first. Dustyn had no patience for building skills in the “standard” way.


In the heat of a disagreement, his artistic passions took over.  Dustyn walked out for lunch from his welding job and did not return. In that moment, his part-time workshop transformed into his full-time art studio. With ingenuity as his only currency to follow his passions, Dustyn bought used machinery or built his own parts to facilitate his artistic creations.  From the initial engineering/design to the final finished masterpiece, every component came from Dustyn’s imagination and skilled hands. 


Outside the studio, Dustyn can be found on the road somewhere, riding his fast motorcycle.  You can try to catch him on the road, but it’s not likely – he’s avoiding social interactions.